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English To Tamil Translation

A Few Words About Our English To Tamil Translation Tool

இங்கிலீஷ் டூ தமிழ் டிரான்ஸ்லேஷன் – English to Tamil Translation Online – Top Tamil Software for Translate Anything From English To Tamil.

The English to Tamil Translation Tool that we provide is powered by the Google Translation API. You can begin composing in the text box and then select the “Translate” icon. Your English word, phrase, or sentence is then translated into Tamil language.

The translation only takes a few seconds and can translate up to 500 characters per request. Although this translation is not perfect, it conveys the essential meaning and, with a few modifications, can be quite accurate. Every day, Google Engineers are striving to make this English to Tamil translation software more intelligent and accurate. Hopefully, it will generate near-perfect translations one day!

The Tamil language is spoken widely. More than 87 million people speak this language worldwide. For those who do not comprehend Tamil, translating Tamil to English could be quite challenging. Numerous websites offer Tamil translation services for a few dollars. While it makes sense to pay for translating large amounts of text (such as books and articles) and for professional service, there is no reason to pay for commonly used phrases, greetings, and other informal uses. This instrument can be used for these aims.

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Tamil Translation : You Need To Know The Following

The meaning of each English sentence and phrase will be translated into Tamil.

For i.e. typing

“Tamil is one of the longest-surviving classical languages in the world.” will result in the translation “உலகிலேயே மிக நீண்ட காலம் வாழும் செம்மொழிகளில் தமிழ் ஒன்றாகும்.”

Use our translator as English to Tamil dictionary.

For i.e. 

“Mother” translates to “அம்மா” in Tamil.
“Travel ” will be translated as “பயணம்” in Tamil.

Google is the engine that drives this site.

  • High Rate of Accuracy.
  • Online translation in real time.
  • Each request can translate up to 500 characters.
  • Unlimited amount of translation.
  • This translation instrument is absolutely FREE.

Common English to Tamil Expressions

  • Hello – வணக்கம் (Vanakkam)
  • Good morning – காலை வணக்கம் (Kaalaai Vanakkam)
  • Good afternoon – மதிய வணக்கம் (Madiya Vanakkam)
  • Good evening – மாலை வணக்கம் (Maalai Vanakkam)
  • Good night – இரவு வணக்கம் (Iravu Vanakkam)
  • How are you? – நீங்கள் எப்படி இருக்கின்றீர்கள்? (Neengal eppadi irukkiraargal?)
  • What’s your name? – உங்கள் பெயர் என்ன? (Ungal peyar enna?)
  • Thank you – நன்றி (Nandri)
  • Please – தயவு செய்து (Thayavu seydhu)
  • Sorry – மன்னிக்கவும் (Mannikkavum)
  • Yes – ஆம் (Aam)
  • No – இல்லை (Illai)
  • I don’t understand – நான் புரியவில்லை (Naan puriyavillai)
  • How much does this cost? – இது எவ்வளவு செல்லும்? (Idhu evvalavu sellum?)
  • I love you – நான் உன்னை காதலிக்குகிறேன் (Naan unnaik kaadhalikiren)
  • Can you help me? – நீ என்னை உதவ முடியுமா? (Nee ennai udhava mudiyumaa?)
  • Where is the restroom? – குழந்தைகள் பருவம் எங்கே உள்ளது? (Kuzhandhaigal paruvam engge ulladhu?)
  • I’m lost – நான் பாதையில் கழிந்துவிட்டேன் (Naan paathaiyil kzhinthisuvitten)
  • What time is it? – இது எப்போது? (Idhu eppothu?)
  • Cheers! – வாழ்த்துக்கள்! (Vaazhthukkal!)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our translation service uses either Google or Microsoft to translate the English text you enter.

When an English word, sentence, or phrase is typed, API requests are sent to either Google or Microsoft for translation. In response, they transmit a reply containing a translated text in Tamil.

Their system combines cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (deep learning), big data, Web APIs, cloud computing, etc. with machine-language technologies to perform higher-quality translations.

No. Currently, only our online Tamil translation is available.

However, you can install the Google Translate Chrome extension utility by visiting the Google Translate Chrome Extension link.

After installing this translation tool, you can select a section of text, right-click it, and then click the “Translate” icon to translate it into the language of your choice. In addition, by selecting the “Translate” icon on the browser’s interface, you can translate an entire web page.

It supports over 100 different languages.

Yes. This English to Tamil text translation is provided at no cost. Our translation utility is available for both personal and professional use.

However, the following restrictions apply:

Per Request Limit: You can translate up to 500 per request at any time. However, there is no limit on the quantity of requests that can be submitted.
Daily Quota: Although you can submit multiple requests for translation, you will be unable to translate if we reach our daily quota.
These restrictions are in place to prevent robotics and other automated programs from exploiting these facilities.

The translation is performed using machine-language technology, as previously explained. The translation accuracy of this translation software will become increasingly precise over time, particularly for commonly used phrases and sentences.

Currently, it is not flawless, but our translation software is beneficial for those who need assistance with sentence structure and a general understanding of the meaning of the sentence or phrase.