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English To Marathi Translation

A Few Words About Our English To Marathi Translation Tool

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The best English to Marathi Translation tool that we provide is powered by the Google Translation API. The text section allows you to begin typing before selecting the “Translate” option. Your English word, phrase, or sentence is then translated into Marathi by our software.

The translation process only takes a few seconds, and each request may translate up to 500 characters. Although there are a few changes that could be made to make it more accurate, you can still get the gist of what is being translated. Google Engineers are working on this translation program to improve English to Marathi translation intelligence and accuracy, and it is constantly improving. Hopefully, it will eventually provide translations that are almost flawless!

Marathi is a widely used language. There are more than 83.2 million speakers of this language worldwide. Marathi to English translation could be challenging for those who do not speak Marathi. For a few bucks, you can translate Marathi on several websites. While paying for professional service and translating large amounts of material (such as books and articles) is a wonderful idea, there is no benefit to paying for everyday phrases, greetings, and other casual use. This tool can be used for these things.

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Marathi Translation : You Should Know These Features

The meaning of each English word and sentence will be translated into Marathi.

For i.e. typing:
“Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language predominantly spoken by Marathi people in the Indian state of Maharashtra.” will be translated into “मराठी ही एक इंडो-आर्यन भाषा आहे जी प्रामुख्याने भारतीय महाराष्ट्र राज्यातील मराठी लोक बोलतात.”

As an English to Marathi dictionary, use our translation tool.

For i.e.
“Brother” meaning in Marathi will be “भाऊ(Bhau)”
“Happy” meaning in Marathi will be “आनंदी”

Driven by Google.

  • High Rate of Accuracy.
  • Instantaneous translation online.
  • One request may have up to 500 characters.
  • No end to translation.
  • Free use of this translation service.

Popular English to Marathi Phrases

  • Hello – नमस्कार (Namaskar)
  • Good morning – सुप्रभात (Suprabhat)
  • Good afternoon – शुभ दोपार (Shubh Dopar)
  • Good evening – शुभ संध्या (Shubh Sandhya)
  • Good night – शुभ रात्री (Shubh Ratri)
  • How are you? – तुम्ही कसे आहात? (Tumhi kase aahat?)
  • What’s your name? – तुमचं नाव काय आहे? (Tumcha naav kaay aahe?)
  • Thank you – धन्यवाद (Dhanyavaad)
  • Please – कृपया (Krupaya)
  • Sorry – खूप आवश्यक (Khup aavashyak)
  • I’m lost – माझं मारणार आहे (Majh maranar aahe)
  • Yes – हो (Ho)
  • No – नको (Nako)
  • I don’t understand – मला समजलंय नाही (Mala samajlay nahi)
  • How much does this cost? – ह्या ची किंमत किती आहे? (Hya chi kimat kiti aahe?)
  • I love you – माझ्याकडून तुझ्यावर प्रेम आहे (Majhyakadun tujhyavar prem aahe)
  • Can you help me? – तुम्ही मला सहाय्य करू शकता का? (Tumhi mala sahayya karu shakta ka?)
  • Where is the restroom? – शौचालय कुठे आहे? (Shauchalay kuthhe aahe?)
  • What time is it? – आत्ता किती वाजलं आहे? (Atta kiti vaajl aahe?)
  • Cheers! – आवाजा! (Awaaz!)
Frequently Asked Questions

The content you have written in English will be translated by our translation service using either Google or Microsoft.

We make API queries to Google or Microsoft whenever you write an English word, sentence, or phrase in order to get a translation. They respond with an answer that is translated in marathi.

To produce higher-quality translations, their system combines machine-language technology with cutting-edge tools like artificial intelligence (deep learning), big data, Web APIs, cloud computing, etc.

No. You can only use our marathi translation right now online.

However, you may download the Google Translate Chrome extension by clicking on the Google Translate Chrome Extension page.

When you have this translation tool installed, you may choose a part of text, right-click, and select “Translate” to translate it into the language of your choosing. By selecting the “Translate” icon from the browser toolbar, you may also translate the full web page.

More than 100 languages are supported.

Yes. This text translation from English to Marathi is offered at no cost. Our translation tool is available for both private and business usage.

However, we are subject to the following limitations:

Per Request Capacity: You may translate up to 500 words per request at any one moment. There is no limit on how many requests you may submit, however.
You may submit many requests for translation, but if we reach our daily allotment, you won’t be able to interpret.
These limitations are in place to prevent automated software or robots from exploiting these services.

The translation is carried out using machine-language technology, as was previously said. The translation will get more accurate as time passes thanks to the translation software’s daily improvements, particularly for expressions and phrases that are used often.

Although it is not yet flawless, our translation program is helpful for individuals who require assistance formulating the statement and want to gain a broad notion of the meaning of the sentence or phrase.