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Translation Wala helps you stand out by localizing your apps, allowing mobile users to experience your creations in their native language.

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What makes Translation Wala the best choice for localizing your app?

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Translation Wala’s international team of localization specialists possesses the linguistic, cultural, and technical expertise to create a seamless native experience for your app. Our diverse tools and services ensure user satisfaction and your app’s success in any language and market.

App Localization

App localization services include:

UX Localization

When translating an app designed for one language to another, various issues can arise. Buttons may not accommodate translated text, left-to-right design may feel counterintuitive in right-to-left reading countries, and visuals might offend certain cultures. Our app localization experts address these concerns and more to ensure your app feels as if it was originally designed for each market, providing an optimal user experience in every locale.


App Store Listing Localization

Even with excellent app translation and localization, it’s futile if users can’t find your app. Ensure your app description is well-optimized and localized to rank high in global mobile searches, whether on Apple App Store, Google Play, or other platforms.


Continuous Localization

With our Translation Memories (TMs) and integrations, handling continuous app localization during updates becomes effortless. Whether it’s minor copy tweaks, new features, or significant updates, Translation Wala allows you to promptly send new content for localization. This way, you can roll out changes in all languages simultaneously with the original version.


Make your app suitable for any global market through localization

Reimagine your app to connect with local users, enhancing visibility and user experience in every international market. Our app localization experts at Translation Wala will ensure your app feels tailor-made for each market, allowing you to compete globally with confidence.

App Localization Services FAQ

App localization is the process of adapting a mobile application or software to suit the linguistic, cultural, and regional preferences of users in different target markets. It involves translating the app’s user interface, content, and other elements into various languages and customizing certain features to meet the needs and expectations of users in specific regions.

App localization matters for global success. Expanded reach, cultural relevance, and increased engagement lead to higher profits and a positive image.

To decide whether to translate or localize your app, consider the target audience’s language, culture, and preferences. Assess potential markets and user feedback to make an informed choice.

The project completion time depends on the app’s size and complexity. We’ll work efficiently to meet your urgent needs and deliver a high-quality translation.

App translation focuses on converting the app’s content into another language, while localization goes beyond translation to adapt the app for a specific culture and region.

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