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English To Assamese Translation

A Few Words About Our English To Assamese Translation Tool

ইংলিছ টু আচামীজ ট্ৰাঞ্চলেশ্যন – English to Assamese Translation Online- Top Assamese Software for Translate Anything From English To Assamese.

Our English to Assamese translation tool uses Google Translation API. Type in the text field and click “Translate”. Then our program translates an English phrase or sentence into Assamese.

The translation takes seconds and may translate 500 characters at once. Although this translation is not 100% correct, it may give you a basic notion and be accurate with a few changes. Google engineers are constantly improving this translation algorithms to make English to Assamese translation more precise and sophisticated. Hopefully it will translate almost perfectly one day!

The Assamese language is widespread. This language is spoken by almost 23 million people. For those who don’t know Assamese, translating to English might be tough. Many websites translate English to Assamese for a fee. Paying for professional translation of books and papers is a fine idea, but not for ordinary lines, greeting messages, and other casual usage. These purposes may utilize this tool.

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English To Assamese Translation Features you should know:

English phrases and sentences will be translated into Assamese.

For i.e. typing:

“Assamese, also Asamiya, is an Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam, where it is an official language, and it serves as a lingua franca of the wider region.” will be translated into “অসমীয়া, অসমীয়াও, প্ৰধানকৈ উত্তৰ-পূব ভাৰতৰ অসম ৰাজ্যত প্ৰচলিত ভাৰত-আৰ্য্য ভাষা, য’ত ই চৰকাৰী ভাষা, আৰু ই বহল অঞ্চলৰ লিংগুয়া ফ্ৰাংকা হিচাপে কাম কৰে।”

Utilize our translator as a dictionary from English to Assamese.

For i.e.

“Audience” meaning in Assamese will be “দৰ্শক”

“Happy hours” meaning in Assamese will be “সুখৰ সময়”

  • Google is the engine that drives this site.
  • High Rate of Accuracy.
  • Online translation in real time.
  • Each request can translate up to 500 characters.
  • Unlimited amount of translation.

This translation instrument is absolutely FREE.

English to Assamese Phrases That Are Commonly Used

  • Hello – নমস্কাৰ (Nômskar)
  • Good morning – সুপ্ৰভাত (Suprobhat)
  • Good night – শুভ রাতি (Xubh rati)
  • Thank you – ধন্যবাদ (Dhonyobad)
  • Please – অনুগ্ৰহ কৰি (Anugroho kori)
  • Yes – হয় (Hoi)
  • No – নে (Ne)
  • How are you? – আপুনি কেমন আছে? (Apuni kemon asse?)
  • What is your name? – আপুনিৰ নাম নি কি? (Apunar nam ni ki?)
  • I love you – মই তোমাক ভাল পোৱা (Moie tomak bhal pua)
  • Excuse me – আপুনি ক্ষমা কৰক (Apuni kshama korok)
  • Goodbye – বিদাই (Bidai)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our translation service also leverages Google or Microsoft to translate the English text you input.

We make API queries to Google or Microsoft for translation whenever you input a word, sentence, or phrase in English. In response, they send an answer in Assamese with a translated text.

Their approach combines cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence (deep learning), big data, Web APIs, cloud computing, and others to do higher-quality translations.

No. For the time being, you may only use our Assamese translation online.

You may, however, install the Google Translate Chrome extension utility by visiting the Google Translate Chrome Extension website.

After installing this translation tool, you may select and right-click a part of text, then click the “Translate” button to translate it to the language of your choosing. You may also translate the full web page by clicking the “Translate” button in the browser’s toolbar.

It supports over 100 different languages.

Our online program does not support translating English text from images.

If you have an Android, iPhone, or iPad, you can utilize the camera on your phone to interpret signage or handwritten English notes using the native interpret software.

Yes. This English to Assamese text translation service is completely free. Our translation tool is available for both personal and commercial usage.

We do, however, have the following limitations:

Per Request Limit: You may translate up to 500 words per request at any time. There is, however, no limit to the amount of requests you may submit.
While you may submit several requests for translation, you will be unable to translate if we reach our daily limit.
These limitations are in place to prevent robots or automated software from misusing these services.

As previously stated, machine-language technology is employed to do the translation. This translation engine is always growing, and the translation will get more accurate over time, particularly for widely used words and sentences.

Our translation program is not flawless at the time, but it is beneficial for individuals who need assistance phrasing the statement and getting a broad concept of what the sentence or phrase is communicating.

There are several websites that give human translators for translating English to Assamese for people who want a precise translation.